Car Stuff to get you through the Fall

Emergency Car Stuff is a necessity in the Fall and Winter. Whether you are on a road trip, stuck in traffic, or just have a run-in with the police, having a few items handy will make life easier. A few items that you should keep in your car are: a small headband flashlight, a few batteries for your cell phone, and some hand warmers. You can also pack gloves and hand warmers for long trips.

A good ice scraper is a must-have for any car enthusiast. When the temperatures dip, the ice on the steering wheel will cause your hands to freeze. Having a pair of gloves on hand will keep them from getting so cold that they can’t control their car. An extra blanket or hat will keep the driver warm if the heater fails. If you live in a cold climate, a California Car Duster is a good gift for any automobile enthusiast.

A first-aid kit can be useful if you’re ever stranded in an unfamiliar area. A first-aid kit contains basic medical supplies such as gauze and anti-bacterial spray. It’s also wise to carry an emergency phone charger. In addition to the first-aid kit, you should have a portable GPS. If you’re traveling during a snowstorm or in a chilly climate, a GPS unit and a map are essential items.