EBC Brakes, For When You Just Need To Stop

EBC Brakes, otherwise known as the European Brake Company is the largest producer of automotive disc brake systems and components in the world. With major factories in both America and The United Kingdom. EBC has been heavily involved in the motorcycle industry since the 1970s when it developed a complete aftermarket brake range for the motorcycle industry. They are still heavily involved in motorcycle sports with Elliot Pinson using their braking system to land a podium finish at Brands Hatch in the Junior Motorsport Championship, which is yet another of the many bikes that have won prestigious awards riding with the EBC braking structure.

In the four-wheel automotive space, EBC manufactures balanced brake kits, pads, t=rotrs and much more. They also have a fluid range that works in partnership with the high-grade components. To meet differing international standards, they supply USA kits and UK kits to ensure that they cross all manufacturer requirements. They manufacture for cars, SUV’s as well as trucks. To manufacture such an extensive range to such a diverse market requires skill and know-how, both of which you will find at EBCs corporate headquarters that run the global enterprise from Pineham, Northampton England.

EBC has a full-service online platform that sells the complete product range complimented with a worldwide shipping ability, with portals for the US market, the UK market and internationally that will lead you to the online suppliers and regional retailers in each of these areas.

Environmentally conscious, EBC brakes and pads are environmentally friendly and contain no lead, nickel, asbestos or ceramic fibers as they work towards becoming the most eco-friendly supplier of brakes worldwide. They are currently leading the way and will continue to strive to reduce emissions and reduce their carbon footprint at every possibility.

Research and development feature heavily in EBCs priorities with Steve Payne, a friction materials research engineer for more than 20 years, working towards extending the development of the EBC range as he reaches for new heights of performance and durability. This philosophy has made them the preferred supplier to groups such as the majority of UK Police forces and London Taxis and the Ambulance ranks.

Brakes are an essential business as anyone will tell you that has had a failure. The saying “You get what you pay for or a little less” almost appears to have been made just for the braking industry. When it comes to brakes your family and yourself deserve the best so that you know they come home safe each day.

The next time your vehicle requires a service and brake change ask your auto repair service manager their thoughts on fitting EBC brake discs, drums, and rotors. Marking close to 40 years as a brake manufacturer whose disks and drums have helped top-level auto sports teams achieve extraordinary success takes a know-how that is steeped in years in developing, rigorous testing and going from supplying brakes locally to a company that supplies their products globally means only one thing. They do brakes extremely well