Fox Shocks And Other Featured Parts

When it comes to automotive shox quality, you can’t get better than the Fox Racing Shox line. Fox Racing Shox is a brand which is used by that of the Fox Factory. And, they of course sell several off-road racing suspension parts for a long line of vehicles. Our article goes into the details about some of the Fox Shocks and other parts.

The company offers suspension for mountain bike lovers, especially those who compete. During 2016 alone, the Fox company acquired around 65% of their annual sales due to this suspension line. They offer custom forks as well which are available in wheel sizes of 29″, 27.5″ and 26″ with also come with perfectly tapered steerer tubes that have a selected straight tube with the dimensions of 1-1/8″ on some models. It should be noted that the talas springs offered can be adjusted externally by at least 20 or even 30 millimeters.

Fox even offers something for those who prefer cross country. They currently carry a 32 float at 100-150 as well as a 32 talas at 120-150, and they have the 1-1/8″ steerer available as well. In addition, they also carry the trail variant of both floats and talas. These as available in 34 float at 120-150 and 34 talas at 140 to 150. And, you can even replace 26″ wheel option with something bigger.

Shox for mountain bikes are also widely offered and come in 36 float at 140 to 180 and a 36 talas at 150 to 180. And, the 1-1/8″ steerer can be used with this combo as well. In addition, their dirt jumpers are only made to support the 26″ wheel with a 1-1/8″ steerer. Their line of shocks includes both air and coil springs.

When 2014 hit, the Fox company went on to introduce that of a Performance Line and they also did some rebranding where their products were also featured under the factory series. In case you’re wondering, well, there is a huge difference between the previous line and the newer line. Every single part in the Performance Line has been redesigned for quality and durability amongst others.

Their Air Bump product line features three outstanding products. These are a 2.0 factory series pinch mount, a 2.5 stud mount air bump and a stunning 2.5 pinch mount air bump. Their Air Shock product line carries two main shocks. These are the 2.0 factory series air shock and the 2.5 factory series air shock.

Fox also carries a Bypass product line which features several bypasses. These are the 4.4 factory series bypass, the 4.0 factory series bypass, the 3.5 factory series bypass, the 3.0 factory series bypass the 2.5 factory series by pass and last but not least a 2.0 factory series bypass. Their coilover product line features four main products. These are the 3.0 factory series coilover, the 2.5 performace series coilover, the 2.5 factory series coilover and the 2.0 factory series coilover.

Their state-of-the-art Smoothie product line features four products which have truly been designed with their user in mind. These are the 3.0 factory series smoothie, the 2.5 performance series smoothie, the 2.5 factory series smoothie and the 2.0 factory smoothie.

So, as we conclude we have just looked at the entire line up of Fox Shocks and all the other products that they feature. If you’re looking for high performance and quality, Fox does it for you!