Make Dead Center Impossible With Rough Country Lift Kits

You watched them drive over that log like it was nothing. First one friend drove his jeep over it and headed down the road. Another friend drove his Chevy truck over it with no problems. You shifted into gear, started over the log, and heard the awful scraping as the log ground across the bottom of your truck. You made it, but just barely.

A few inches can make all the difference in the world. A couple extra inches can let you put on larger wheels, bigger tires, lifting your truck higher off the ground. It not only looks tougher, but can climb over obstacles a stock pickup would never get over. Rough Country lift kits can help you raise your truck an inch, two inches, four inches, or even further.

How much difference can a few inches make? A lift kit is just the start. Those few inches from a lift kit allow you to switch to taller wheels which will multiply how far your truck stands above the ground. Imagine if your truck was just four inches higher. How many more obstacles could you go over? Where could your truck go?

Rough Country builds lift kits for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Nissan, Toyota, and other manufacturers. They make leveling kits, body raising kits, suspension lift kits, and even lowering kits. Lowering kits confuse most of us, but there are a few strange people out there. Okay, lowering kits are for racers who need speed, not getting over logs.

Why are Rough Country lift kits so popular? It probably starts with their name. The name is also a belief the entire company holds. They build components to help truck owners handle rough country. It does not matter if you consider rough country a bumpy country road, or an extreme ride over hills with fallen branches and trees littering your path. Rough Country has what you need to lift your truck and prepare it for anything.

Our title is a bit misleading. It is never possible to make a truck immune from getting dead centered, but you can sure make it tough. A lift kit gets your truck off the ground where only a massive obstacle will stop you.

You might want a quick warning about Rough Country. When you start looking at their lift kits your eyes are going to start to wander. You will notice their roll bars, lighting kits, fender flares, running boards, and other accessories designed to make a truck both look incredible and to perform far beyond what the manufacturer intended.

Jump in your truck and start driving around. Look at all the places you wish you could take your truck, but you know it would be pushing the limits. With a few modifications, your truck can be read to tackle almost anything. Do you want to start exploring deeper off the beaten path? An exciting world lies just over the hill, as long as you don’t get stuck on a log. Lift your truck and let your truck take you on a new adventure.