Seat Covers the Ultimate Protection

Auto Seat Covers – Ultimate Protection

Funny as it may seem, the most neglected thing in a car are the seat covers. Most people are fascinated with what their cars look like but tend to neglect its interior facilities; much less its auto seat covers. Basically, auto seat covers were not invented without any purpose. Auto seat covers are just as important as any other part of your car. Do not wait until you car seats are already soiled from dirt and another harmful elements. Go get your car seats the best auto seat covers so as to keep them in top shape.

– Universal, Standard Covers

One of the fittings of the auto seat covers is the Universal fit. As its name implies, universal fit covers is ideal to almost all kinds of car seats, whether it be a low-back or a high-back bucket seat. Universal auto seat covers are very easy to set up and they are easy to remove as well. The only thing that needs to be considered is the fact that he universal seat covers are not suitable for car seats with side-impact airbags.

– Custom Covers

The next type of fitting auto seat covers is the custom auto seat covers. As it name implies, the custom fit auto seat covers is tailor-made for every specified and measured car seats. These custom fittings are precisely patterned according to the make-up and measurements of the car seats. Thus, every details of the car seats are considered and mulled over. Among the three fittings of auto seat covers, custom fittings are the perfect items that are specifically designed to make a properly covered car seats.

– Hybrid Semi-Customs

For those who cannot afford custom fittings of auto seat covers, there is one other type of fitting – the semi-custom fit. Semi-custom fit covers may not render the same features as that of custom fittings but, nevertheless, they are good enough to protect your car seats from harmful elements that may destroy the durability of your car seats.

1. The soft touch

The most common and widely-used auto seat covers are made of poly-cotton. This type of material offers a soft touch while at the same time rendering optimum shielding against harmful elements.

2. Sheepskin

The next material common to most auto seat covers is the sheepskin seat covers. Because of their capability to warm occupants in cold conditions and cool occupants in warm conditions, this type of material is often claimed to be the thermostat of nature.

3. UV protected sheets

The next best material to consider for your auto seat covers is the Velour seat covers. Like the Poly-cotton seat covers, the Velour seat covers also render soft velvety touch to its user. What makes it different from the others is that it is treated with an exceptional amount of ultraviolet coating. This, in turn, will protect your car seats from imminent color fading.

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