The History And Use Of Tonneau Covers

What a lot of people don’t realize is the word tonneau is meant to describe a part of a car or truck that is open on the top. It could be a cargo space or a space meant to carry people as well. Many decades ago, lots of cars had spaces where the back seat is now, but instead it was outside of the regular part of the car and was called a tonneau. Thus, the canvas, hard cover, or other material that is made to keep the rain out are then called the tonneau covers. Nowadays there are many different types of areas, mostly on pickup trucks that have these covers and they come in many styles, materials, and configurations as well.

Some Of Them Are Hinged, Folding, or Snapped

The covers themselves can be hard, or soft and can have several different ways of opening and closing. A hard cover will usually be hinged or folding. That way it can be opened and the area beneath it accesses and then easily closed. This configuration might make it difficult to have passengers sitting in the area, however.

The hard cover that folds would be a better option if you needed to have passengers sitting. That way the cover can fold up into a small space and the passengers will have plenty of room. When the area again needs to be covered it can unfold to the perfect size and cover the area whether it’s a back seat or pickup bed. It’s far quicker than the snap-on variety.

The soft cloth, snap on tonneau cover is also very popular, yet a little less convenient than the hard covers. These covers, or tops, as they are sometimes called, will be made from canvas, Naugahyde, nylon, or any of several other materials. Most of the best materials will be waterproof to protect the inside from the rain. There will be snaps around the perimeter to hold the cover in place while in use.

These covers, while a little more time consuming to use, are much easier to store away when not in use. They will usually have a special bag that they can be rolled up and folded into for storage.

Pickup Trucks Are A Major Use Of Tonneau Covers

Technically, the back of every pickup truck could be considered a tonneau. People cover their pickup beds for a variety of reasons, especially to block passersby from viewing the contents inside. Then, the only way for someone to see underneath is to open the cover and reveal their intentions.

While this isn’t the best protection in the world, it does deter a certain amount of criminal activity because there is just as much likelihood that there will be nothing to steal under the cover and the thief is exposed by checking. Covers are also very popular because of the beauty, and those that like a stylish truck will often have a nice cover as well.

If you have a need for a cover for your tonneau, you can see lots of images that others have posted online to get some good ideas. There is a cover for everything, and lots of designs to see online. Then, you can print up the image and take it to a shop and most of them will be able to reproduce nearly any design you desire.